Deputy Leprechaun Harasses Orlando Motorists

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Whether it was "harassment" I guess depends on your point of view.  The Orlando Sentinel reported Thursday that dozens of drivers were ticketed for ignoring warnings not to speed, even though those warnings were being given by a deputy dressed as a leprechaun.  He stood next to a sign reading "Watch your speed or it will cost you your pot of gold," dressed in a green leprechaun outfit complete with hat, a fake red beard, and, according to the Associated Press, "tight white knickers."  His leprechaun station also concealed a laser speed detector, while human officers with motorcycles stood ready to pursue those who ignored the warning.

"We do this sort of thing a lot on holidays," said a spokesman.  As some of you may know, and may already be drinking to celebrate, St. Patrick’s Day is on Saturday.  St. Patrick, of course, is known for driving the snakes out of Ireland, and also ensuring that they left at a speed that was appropriate for the prevailing weather conditions.

The "leprechaun" may have recycled his outfit from a few months ago, since the same deputy apparently manned a speed trap in December while dressed as a Christmas elf.  According to the report, at the time, some of those who were ticketed complained that being stopped by a deputy in costume was entrapment, which I think is basically saying that they thought they were being waved at by an actual Christmas elf.  "I think that’s just ridiculous," said the leprechaun, when asked about the entrapment allegations.  "The elf didn’t force anybody to speed."

Link: AP via Yahoo! News