Hong Kong Tycoon Leaves Everything to Feng Shui Master

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And you thought feng shui was just a charade.  Nina Wang didn’t, and she was the richest woman in Asia, and the 154th richest person in the world, according to Forbes Magazine.  Wang, who died earlier this month, was appropriately eccentric — she was nicknamed "Little Sweetie" because she wore pigtails, mini-skirts and had a "giggly persona" though she was almost 70 years old.  She also claimed to spend only $380 a month and liked to show her bargain buys to the media.

Wang had no children, and had reportedly drafted a will in 2002 that left most of her billions to charity.  But her lawyer published a notice today saying that the estate would not be going to charity, but instead all of it would go to a Mr. Chan Chun-chuen.  According to Reuters, "Little is known about Chan, whom the local media has reported as Wang’s feng shui master or fortune teller and who once studied medicine in Canada."  Feng shui, as you know, is the ancient Chinese art of arranging furniture in such a way that it will confuse the elderly into giving you billions of dollars.

Wang’s lawyer was scheduled to hold a press conference later today that may clarify why Wang left all of her money to a relative stranger instead of her family.  Not surprisingly, the family’s application disputing the will has already been filed.  I have a mental picture of the family’s attorney reading the notice in the paper and then blasting off to court so fast that, like in a cartoon, the paper — and possibly even his suit — is left fluttering in the air behind him.

A lot of my mental pictures are cartoon-like.

Link: Yahoo! News