Nice One, Einstein

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The latest article of Newsweek has an interesting review of a new bio of Albert Einstein, who besides inventing special and general relativity, providing proof of the existence of atoms, providing the foundation for quantum mechanics, and thinking up that E=MC2 thing — all of which he did while he was just sitting around bored at the patent office — also tried to come up with a legal framework that would lead to greater harmony in his domestic life:

Einstein’s relations with his first wife, Mileva, degenerated so badly that in 1914 he demanded she sign a contract promising to deliver three meals to his room daily, renounce "all personal relations with me insofar as they are not completely necessary for social reasons" and "stop talking to me if I request it."

He never totally understood quantum physics, either.

Newsweek, Apr. 16, 2007, at p. 100.