Teacher Fired for Gluteal Art Sues Employer

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I am already about a dozen items behind, and now this morning, on a very busy day, I learn about this new lawsuit.  The high-school art teacher who was fired in January after his employer learned that, on his own time, he created and sold paintings made by applying paint to his buttocks and then pressing them onto a canvas, has now sued.

The artist is represented by the Virginia ACLU, which argues that the firing violated the First Amendment.  The artist allegedly kept his gluteal art "scrupulously private from his students," did not discuss it in class and used a pseudonym online to ensure that students did not come across it via Google.  (By firing him, of course, the school board has ensured that every single student in the high school will have seen it).

I have not visited the man’s website.  Use the link below at your own risk.

Link: AP via FindLaw.com
Link: "Stan Murmur’s" Website