Ostrich Murderer Sentenced to Five Months in Jail

ostrichThat is one weird bird (image: Wikimedia)

Timothy McKevitt, one of the two killers who murdered Gaylord the ostrich last October, has been sentenced to five months in jail. His accomplice, Jonathon Porter, was released earlier this year after also serving five months for the crime.

As you may recall, but as I will enjoy telling you again, the ostrich slaying came after McKevitt, Porter, and two female companions trespassed on an ostrich ranch south of San Francisco after a night of drinking last Halloween. The men startled and/or harassed the birds, causing one to attack. It won the ensuing battle, though it ultimately lost the war when McKevitt and Porter returned with a rifle and shotgun, seeking revenge.

The prosecutor in the matter insisted on describing the motive as “all about male pride,” simply because the two young men had the *&%$ kicked out of them by an ostrich named “Gaylord” while their girlfriends laughed at them.