Leona Helmsley’s Dog Forced to Survive on Mere $2 Million Trust Fund

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As you may recall, when Leona Helmsley died last year she left $12 million to her dog, more than twice as much as she left to any other family member.  (Two grandchildren were completely stiffed, for "reasons that are known to them," as Helmsley mysteriously said from beyond the grave.)

Not surprisingly, the Heirs of Helmsley have been going after the dog’s trust fund ever since, apparently claiming that Helmsley was "mentally unfit" when she made the will.  A trial judge has now approved a settlement between them and the state that would reduce the dog’s cut to a mere $2 million.

Dog_in_sweater The dog’s caretaker claims that this pittance will be enough to pay for the dog’s "maintenance and welfare at the highest standard of care" for the rest of its life.  Said care is to include (annually) $1,200 for food, $8,000 for grooming, and no less than $100,000 per year for "full-time security."

Is it surprising that even a millionaire pet would need that level of security?  Maybe not, when you consider that the caretaker is getting paid $60,000 per year (plus $100k for "security") to be the dog’s guardian.  If I was getting paid that kind of money to take care of a dog, we’d be driving around in an armored car, I can tell you that.  And he would not be sticking his head out of the window.

It appears that $4 million of the dog’s money will be going to the Helmsley Foundation, and $6 million of it will be split by the two grandchildren who previously got nothing for reasons that are still, unfortunately, known only to them.

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