Santa Robs Bank During SantaCon, Blends Into SantaCrowd

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Santa has committed numerous crimes over the years, but usually he's either acted alone or conspired with others posing as Santa. It seems doubtful that everyone participating in SantaCon was in on this bank robbery, but you never know.

kringleAccording to multiple reports (thanks, Mark), on December 13 this ill-bearded Kringle robbed a Wells Fargo bank on Sutter Street in San Francisco, coincidentally about a block from Lowering the Bar headquarters (and yes, that is a coincidence). He told the teller he had a gun, gave her a demand note, got some cash and left the bank.

Ordinarily, he might not have been too hard to track down in his Santa suit, but because that day was SantaCon in San Francisco (you can see one other Santa through the window behind him), this posed a slightly greater challenge. 

Crowd of Santas

Whether or not he actually merged with a crowd of Santas like this one isn't clear, but there were a lot of Santas roaming around downtown SF that day, according to reports (I, again, was not in the area). The scheme seems to have worked at least temporarily; as of today, the culprit has still not been located.

Be on the lookout.

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