Poorly Faked Heart Attack Fails to Result in Mistrial

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This story shows the importance of proper training before appearing in a courtroom, even (well, especially) if one has decided to represent oneself.  And depending on the strategy, acting lessons may be a good idea.

Keison Wilkins may have thought he could ignore these principles since he successfully defended himself once before, in 2005.  This case also involved felonious-assault charges, apparently based on the attempted murder of a man in Dayton, Ohio.  Whatever Wilkins' legal strategy was this time around, it wasn't going very well, and Wilkins increasingly resorted to "antics" designed to disrupt the proceedings and force a mistrial.  The judge did have to clear the courtroom frequently, but the trial went on.

This happened often enough that by the time Wilkins tried to fake a heart attack during closing arguments, nobody was even paying attention anymore.

In this highly entertaining courtroom video footage, deputies react to Wilkins falling over, but other than that it is clear that no one is buying the act for a second.  The judge is shown shuffling papers as Wilkins clutches his chest.  Note also the lack of any reaction whatsoever by the attorney in the front row.  The judge has Wilkins checked by a nurse, who finds nothing wrong with him, but Wilkins tenaciously sticks with his plan — even after being put back in his chair and then showing an obvious reaction to an ammonia stick placed under his nose.  The video is worth 3 minutes and 41 seconds of your time.

There will be plenty of time to get fake medical care for that fake heart condition, since Wilkins, a repeat offender, was sentenced to 42 years in prison.

UPDATE: the video above still works for me, but in case it's broken, here's an alternative link to the same video on YouTube.