Ice-Cream Killer Pleads Guilty in Exchange for Picnic

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On August 6, Tremayne Durham was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of an Oregon man in 2006.  Durham, who either realized he had a weak case or was just really hungry, agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a picnic spread that included KFC, Popeye’s, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, carrot cake and ice cream.

Ice cream in particular is very important to Durham, important enough that he traveled to Oregon from New York looking for revenge, after the company that sold him an ice-cream truck refused to give him a refund when he changed his mind.  Durham was looking for the owner of the company but killed an employee when the owner could not be found.  I guess he didn’t want to travel all that way for nothing.

After a month or so in jail, meaning a month or so of jail food, Durham was ready to plead.  The local DA said he thought the plea deal made sense because Durham would be getting 30 years to life and the picnic would save the public the cost of a trial.  The public did have to pick up the tab for the chicken feast, as well as the second half of the deal, which Durham got on August 6 after his sentencing — calzones, lasagna, pizza, and of course more ice cream.

That meal may have been for the wedding guests, though.  On the day he was sentenced, Durham also got married in a civil ceremony at the courthouse.  The wedding, said the article, "was not part of the plea deal."