Joe Francis Arrested Yet Again

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You know, I'm starting to think that Joe Francis has no respect for either women or the law.

ToolFrancis, the creator of Girls Gone Wild, or as once described him, the "alleged arm-twisting sexual aggressor and loathsome Girls Gone Wild founder," has appeared here multiple times because of his multiple brushes with the law and his general heinousness. Now here he is again, allegedly having branched out into assaulting adult females.

According to a press release from the L.A. City Attorney's office (quoted here), Francis was booked Monday night on charges of false imprisonment, assault, and dissuading a witness from reporting (which is a crime in California). Three women who were apparently foolish enough to get into a limo with Joe Francis (allegedly believing they were just getting a ride to their car) claim that after they got in, Francis's driver flashed a badge and told them they were not free to leave. He drove them to Francis's home, where they claim a physical altercation took place that ended with Francis grabbing one by the hair and bashing her head into the floor, then having all three kicked out of the house and told a cab would be called for them only if they agreed not to call the police. They got the cab and then called the police, which Francis likely sees as a despicable breach of their agreement.

Francis denies touching any of the women, which doesn't seem consistent with the rest of Joe Francis's entire life but that's his claim. And it does have to be said that the last time Francis faced a trial based on charges he mistreated women (underage girls, in that case), he ended up winning, and there was some evidence in that case that the plaintiffs had at least exaggerated their claims, looking for money. That doesn't mean the jury thought Francis was anything but loathsome, but even the loathsome are entitled to a defense, and the plaintiff still has the burden of proof.

That's good news for Muammar Qaddafi as well as Joe Francis, both of whom were still on the loose at press time.