Florida Low-Pants Crackdown Implicates Few

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Police reports posted today show that attempts to enforce a Florida ordinance against saggy pants have been less fruitful than sponsors may have hoped.  In the nine weeks since enforcement of the Riviera Beach ordinance started, police have arrested and/or cited only 17 offenders, and 12 of those were nabbed in the first two weeks.

Overall, it appears that police are enforcing the ordinance less than twice a week, which would mean that on average (and this is a generous estimate) the waistlines of Riviera Beach have been raised less than two inches per day by the crackdown, and much less than that in percentage terms.  And that likely overstates the law's effect, since The Smoking Gun reported that two of the men arrested most recently were repeat offenders who may never have hiked their pants up at all.

As recidivist saggers, each could receive up to 30 days in jail.

Link: The Smoking Gun