Firm Offers “60 Minute Divorce,” Free Lunch Included

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The ABA Journal reports that the Brodsky Law Firm in New York is running ads offering a "60 Minute Divorce" package for $299 (court fees and costs not included).  "Got an hour?  Get a divorce!"

For When You Can't Stand Your Partner
For Even Sixty-One More Minutes

The ad does disclose that the offer applies only to uncontested divorces that don't involve children, a division of property, or spousal support provisions, which means they could probably just call this the "We-Got-Drunk-In-Vegas-and-Made-a-Huge-Mistake Divorce".  If your marriage does involve children, or if you have any property or money that your partner is going to want, those issues are much more complicated — so they will cost you another $99 each.

Also, the "60 Minute" provision applies only to the time you will spend in the lawyer's office.  You will of course have to wait for the court to process everything, which according to the firm's press release will usually take just another few weeks.  But the good news is that in just one hour, you will never ever have to look at your spouse's face again.

So, while you're waiting, why not go have a quick lunch together?  The firm seems to encourage couples to do this by providing, as part of the divorce package, a $10 gift card (just one) to a nearby McDonald's or Starbucks.  What better way to celebrate the sad ending of a fruitless marriage than by sharing a Happy Meal?

Link: ABA Journal