Least Exciting Exciting Event Ever

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Got this email the other day:


Detention Pond Design: Water Storage Solutions

March 9, 2009 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM Eastern

Lorman Education Services

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You will learn design tips for both dry and wet storm water management ponds. You will understand the relationship between variables in hydrologic and hydraulic runoff models and their impact on pond design. You will learn about the impact of USEPA Phase II storm water regulation.

Learning objectives:

  • The attendee will be able to differentiate wet vs. dry ponds.
  • The attendee will be able to explain weir and central devices.
  • The attendee will be able to identify maintenance issues.


Who Should Attend?
Engineers, project managers, architects, developers, presidents, vice presidents, planners, surveyors, property owners, designers, environmental professionals and attorneys

Now, that may very well be a useful event, an important event, even a vital event. I am not at all bagging on the event's utility.  But I am fairly confident it will not be an "exciting event."

I defer to those in the field as to the difficulty of differentiating between wet and dry ponds.