McNugget Shortage Triggers 911 Call

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I am considering a new category to be called something like "Things Not to Call 911 About," although I would probably have to just retire it after this item.  What could top it?

Latreasa Goodman of Fort Pierce, Florida, was cited for misusing 911 after she called it three times on Saturday to report that a local McDonald's had run out of McNuggets.  Goodman told dispatchers that she had paid for the 10-piece meal but then was told that no nuggets were available and that she would have to pick something else from the menu, which she did not want to do.  According to Goodman, she was also denied a refund.  This crisis situation triggered several calls to 911.

Mcnugget "I ordered chicken nuggets," Goodman told the dispatcher in one call.  "They don't have chicken nuggets, and so I told her, 'Just give me my money back,' and she tells me I have to pick something else off the menu. She is not going to give me my money back, and she don't have the right to take my money."  She don't, it's true, but the issue is more whether a McNugget shortage justifies depriving the city of an officer who might be needed for a real emergency, like if a Taco Bell runs out of hot sauce or something like that.

Goodman, though, demanded that an officer respond immediately.  "This is an emergency," she said, after being told it wasn't.  "If I would have known they didn't have McNuggets, I wouldn't have given my money, and she wants to give me a McDouble, but I don't want one.  This is an emergency."  No, it isn't.  In California, at least, it might be grounds for a class-action lawsuit, but it isn't an emergency.

McDonald's, probably quite grateful for the publicity, has issued a statement saying that Goodman should have been offered a refund and that she would be issued a gift card for a free meal.  Presumably, she will be allowed to buy whatever she wants.

Link: WPBF-TV (Palm Beach) (includes audio of the 911 calls)

[Update: Obviously I later created this category. It was necessary.]