Rambo Cupid Fires Arrows Around Minnesota Neighborhood

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Police in Burnsville, Minnesota, said that Kyle Fletcher went out onto his patio deck on April 3 with a powerful compound bow and fired several arrows into neighboring homes in an effort to impress a woman.  Police found arrows embedded in the siding of several homes in the area, and one had shattered a glass patio door.

Surprisingly, alcohol was involved.  Fletcher's female companion said that the two had been "drinking all night" and at some point, she said, Fletcher decided to "play Rambo."  Both were still "extremely intoxicated" when police arrived.


Police said that Fletcher at first tried to deny he was the archer, but had trouble explaining the presence of a compound bow on his patio deck and the arrows that were on his floor.  (I imagine that a set of imaginary lines drawn along the arrow shafts back toward the point of origin would have intersected on Fletcher's deck, but they did not need to get CSI involved to solve this particular mystery.)  Confronted with the evidence, Fletcher eventually admitted that he had assaulted the innocent homes "for sh*ts and giggles."  Regardless of the motive, it appears that in Minnesota this constitutes first-degree criminal damage to property, which is a felony.

The report did not say whether or not the woman had been successfully impressed.

Link:  Twin Cities Pioneer Press