What Not To Call 911 About, #3: Missing Shrimp

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Another entry for the possible new category on needless 911 calls.

In August of last year, a Jacksonville man called 911 to complain that Subway did not make his sandwiches correctly.  Just a few weeks ago was the 911 Call That Will Live in Infamy, also placed from Florida, in which a woman called police to report that her local McDonald's had run out of McNuggets.  That one may never be topped, but a new entry from Texas is at least a contender.

A woman called the emergency hotline in Haltom City, Texas, on Monday to demand police intervention after she did not get extra shrimp in her fried rice at a local restaurant.  In the call, released Tuesday, the woman can be heard expressing her frustration to a dispatcher.  "[T]o get a police officer up here, what has to happen?" asked the seafood-deficit sufferer.  Apparently she had requested extra shrimp, which were not forthcoming.  "He didn't even put extra shrimp in there," she said, suggesting "he" had done something wrong before the extra-shrimp issue even arose.

Luckily for her, the woman had left the restaurant before police arrived to deal with the emergency.

Link:  AP via FindLaw.com