April 2010

Two Leave Legal Profession

First, as you have likely heard, Justice John Paul Stevens announced today that he will retire at the end of the Court's current term.  The announcement comes just 11 days short of the Justice's 90th birthday, and, not that it…

BARGAIN ALERT: Law Degrees Cheap in Kazakhstan

That was fast.  A reader (from Chicago) informed me just now that 41,400 Kazakh tenge is currently the equivalent of US $281.80, so assuming that the Institute will be offering a U.S.-standard three-year law degree (about 90 credit-hours), that works…

JOB ALERT: Kazakhstan Law School Looking for a Dean

How far are you willing to go for a job?  If the answer is "a really long way," you should know that the Legal Profession Blog reported yesterday that a law school in Almaty, Kazakhstan, is looking for a dean….

Internet Proves Pigs Can Fly, Judge Says

He was being just a tad sarcastic, but he did say it. On April 6, the California Court of Appeal vacated a lower court's ruling that Steven Martinez should be granted a "compassionate release" from prison because he is a quadriplegic….

New York Times is April Fooled by Law Blogger

Not me, unfortunately — as I pointed out yesterday, nobody with fingers and access to a search engine would be fooled for very long by anything I tried to pass off as serious.  But somebody, or a group of somebodies,…