Must-Have Item for Sleep-Deprived Lawyers: the Pillow Tie

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A Utah company has developed a product that may revolutionize conference calls for the bored associate (or, occasionally, partner, although they are usually doing most of the talking), so long as he is taking the call from the privacy of his own office.  Use of the inflatable "Pillow Tie" is pretty much self-explanatory, but the website features this helpful graphic: - Novelty Neckties-1 

Step two is inflation, in case you are not sure what's going on there.

According to the company's website, Pillow Ties are made of a microfiber/silk blend in a soft and seamless weave that will not leave you with incriminating facial sleep lines, although I should point out that the company does not guarantee no such lines will be created.  The ties come in a variety of what seem to be passable designs, although I wouldn't get too excited about that aspect of the product, but they do look reasonably comfy.  Since they cost less than $20, you could conceivably buy two or three to wear at the same time for even greater potential comfort.

If you have just now had the bright idea to buy a Pillow Tie, remove the inflatable part and install that into your $1,200 Stefano Ricci (a stupidly expensive tie brand that I just looked up) so that you can be both well-rested and stylish, forget it.  "Pillow Ties are specially designed and manufactured to be what we like to call 'Inflatable Compatible,'" the company says.  "In short, the inflatable piece cannot be exchanged with other ties, unless they are Pillow Ties."  Besides, the 3,000 Swarovski crystals that are all over the Stefano Ricci would just get embedded in your face anyway, and I don't know what those things are but I bet it would be pretty nasty to have them embedded in your face.

There does not seem to be an equivalent for female lawyers, although I assume they can continue to rely on their purses and/or small but comfy pillows concealed therein.

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