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This was filed in May:

Starbuds Cannabis Club Collective; Mark Gustely v. County of Sonoma, No. SCV247427 (filed May 24, 2010)

Petition for writ of mandate. The defendant has forced the closure of a patients' marijuana collective, plaintiff Starbuds, where plaintiff Mark is both an employee and a patient. The defendant claims that plaintiff Starbuds violates the defendant's zoning ordinances.

STARBUDS copyNothing especially comical about the case itself — I just wanted to pass on the fact that there is a cannabis collective in California named "Starbuds."  (Possessing or growing marijuana for personal medical purposes is legal under California state law.  Cal. Health & Safety Code § 11362.5.)

I wouldn't want to get them in trouble with the giant coffee conglomerate, but it didn't seem to me that there would really be a likelihood of confusion between the two, given the difference in the business model.

That's right: Starbuds delivers.