In This Country We Would Simply Instruct the Witness Not to Answer

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But in Europe, where I think they got their legal system mostly from the French, lawyers may have other options.

An Austrian newspaper is reporting that a lawyer dropped his trousers during the questioning of his client by two female investigators, exposing his briefs.

The Tiroler Tageszeitung said Wednesday the incident happened April 20 in a police station in the western hamlet of Mayrhofen. It says that after letting his suit trousers slip to his knees, [the lawyer] then sat on a desk in his white underwear with his back to the women.

I assume he believed improper questions were being asked, but normally one would just object and, if necessary, insist on ending the session. Perhaps there was a language barrier? My understanding is that dropping your pants and sitting on your desk with your back turned is pretty much universally understood to mean "this interview is over."

The choice seems especially unfortunate given that, according to the report, the lawyer's client was "apparently suspected of a sex crime." Maybe they are asserting a defective-trousers defense and the lawyer was trying to demonstrate. Let's not rush to judgment.

Authorities told the Associated Press that the matter has been reported to the local bar association, and if it's possible to get that hearing on video, I'd be very interested in getting a copy.