Pantless Objection to Topless Protest

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I guess it's not quite "Headless Body in Topless Bar," but it's as close as I'm likely to get. At least the story behind this headline is much more pleasant, if almost as baffling.

Police in Asheville, North Carolina, said they had arrested a local woman for going pantless [correction: skirtless] during a protest. She had confronted a group of protesters who had gathered to show their opposition to a "go topless" rally that had been held the week before. (In other words, she was protesting protesters who were protesting an earlier protest.)

At first wearing a bra, she removed that after a protester said she had "no shame." It's not illegal to go topless in North Carolina, which is why the previous rally had been allowed to go forward. But the anti-topless forces objected and one man tried to cover her up with his jacket. 

She said later that someone then called her a "filthy pagan" who "ain't fit for clothes anyway," to which she responded by dropping her skirt. Well, if "I don't need clothes …" she explained. Although the logic seems pretty solid, the pantlessness did get her arrested.

The earlier "go topless" rally had been intended to protest the fact that in many cities, it is illegal for women, but not men, to go topless. Both protests were held in Asheville, though it is in fact legal for women to go topless there too.

It is illegal to go pantless almost everywhere.