Shoe Applied to Witness

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This could have been a fairly mundane tale about why accused felons who choose to represent themselves usually end up being convicted felons. The defendant, Morgan Armstrong, was represented by counsel in the first of three trials he faced for allegedly robbing convenience stores. He was acquitted in that one, but then decided to go it alone in the other two, as a result of which he was recently sentenced to 35 years in jail.

But you're reading about it because of this incident, which happened during the testimony of a store clerk, Falguni Patel:

Patel, who said Armstrong held a knife to her throat, was so rattled by the trial she fainted on the witness stand. Family member and business partner Meena Patel removed her sneaker and held it to Falguni Patel's nose, attempting to revive her with the odor.

Hence the new category I have just created, "The Inexplicable."