Assorted Stupidity #30

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  • If you don't want to provide your state-certified services to "Socialist liberals" or people who voted for Obama (although thanks for realizing those are not all the same people), that's fine. If you refuse to provide them to "non-Christian Arabs" or Muslims, though, that's not fine. If the state takes your license, you'll have some extra time to read up on why there's a difference.
  • Speaking of racists, the Colombian government has vowed to make amends to the thousands of tribal people who were given joke names by visiting officials many years ago. Since the Wayuu people do not speak Spanish, they were not aware until recently that they had been given official names like "Clown," "Big Head," "Alka-Seltzer," "Land Rover," "Marilyn Monroe" and "Tarzan." "I don't want to be [Iron-Scraper],'" said one. "I am Rapayet." A new documentary reports on the outrage.
  • A Michigan woman has sued the makers of the movie "Drive" because she says it did not contain enough driving. Sarah Deming says the movie's trailer was misleading because it suggested the film was similar to the "Fast and the Furious" series (which have more driving). Also, apparently because a bad guy in the film is or appears to be Jewish, Deming also claims the film is anti-Semitic, but it isn't clear whether that's part of her consumer-fraud claim or just an observation.