Penguin Defecates in Kentucky Legislature

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I don’t know about you, but I for one am sick and tired of these penguins befouling our nation’s halls of government. Seems like everytime you turn around, there’s another penguin pooping in a legislature.

Can the candidates take this up at the next debate? Surely they’re running out of subjects by now anyway.

African Penguins

The Disrespectful Blackfooted Penguin

The target yesterday was the Kentucky Senate, to which a penguin had been invited because the body was taking up Senate Resolution 92, honoring the Newport Aquarium for its contributions to the “aquatic world in general” and specifically “its stewardship of sea life and penguins.” The aquarium was represented by Paula, an African blackfooted penguin, who was in the chamber as Sen. Katie Stine presented the resolution.

But Stine’s presentation was interrupted by Senate President David Williams, who noted that their guest had “just defecated on the floor.”

The resolution went forward despite the breach of protocol, and apparently even passed with no dissenting votes. This shows great confidence in the aquarium’s continuing stewardship, I think, as does the fact that Paula observed the rest of the proceedings from atop Williams’ desk. Presumably most of the risk had passed at that point, but still.