Just Two Weeks Until Lawyers’ Time-Travel Seminar [Updated]

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Probably most of you are already signed up for this, but I didn’t want anyone to miss it:

An Introduction to Time Travel with an Emphasis on Teleportation

From the seminar description:

Andrew D. Basiago, lawyer, writer, and statesman, was one of America’s early time-space explorers and is an emerging figure in the Truth Movement.

Andy has a fascinating life story to tell. Forty years ago, as a child, he was involved in different forms of time travel during the early years of time-space exploration by the US government. This classified research and development program, under DARPA, was code-named “Project Pegasus” ….

Project Pegasus sent Andy backward in time via chronovisor to view historical events (including the time of the dinosaurs) and forward in time via teleporter to retrieve data about future events (to the year 2045).

Andy will discuss the people, places, technologies, and experiences associated with time travel at the time of its emergence in the US defense-technical community in the early 1970’s [sic] and describe how “quantum access” has enabled the CIA to capture the US presidency.

I enjoyed adding [sic] there as if the apostrophe were the only problem with that passage.

Andy’s co-presenter, Alfred Webre—also a lawyer—has written a book called Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe, “a book that was time traveled [sic] by DARPA from 2005 (or later) to 1971 (or earlier), making Alfred a ‘person of interest’ to the CIA.” Yep, he’s such an expert even his book has traveled in time.

Sadly, I’m not able to make it but I’m hoping one or more of you will go. Admission is $30, but food and beverages are included. And if it sucks, just go back and tell yourself not to register. I mean, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

Update: I was just reminded that “Project Pegasus” is also the name of a facility in New York used for alternative-energy research and as a prison for various supervillains. (I say “reminded” because it was first mentioned in Marvel Two-in-One #42 back in 1978, so I really should have remembered this.) According to Andy Basiago, his involvement with a “Project Pegasus” started in 1968, so it’s hard to say whether he got the name from Marvel or vice-versa, or whether they developed independently, or whether it was all the same project and Andy was just affiliated with the time-travel division rather than the alternate-universe stuff. If it was the same project, it’s a little odd that Andy doesn’t mention The Thing or Captain America, for example, but then he may have been on Mars at the time.

If anyone can make it on the 22nd, you might ask him about this so we can get it cleared up.