Bad Disguise #8: Spray Paint

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A review of my Bad Disguises category reveals that I haven't been very consistent about numbering these. Although in my defense, when I started doing that I had not contemplated that more than one person would, for example, wrap his head in duct tape. No two bad disguises are exactly alike, so should these be considered three different types of bad disguise or three examples of a single larger category (e.g. #2A, 2B, and 2C)? I'm leaning toward the latter, but some "retcon" is going to be necessary either way.

Anyway, for now this is Number 8:


According to ABC News (thanks, multiple people), this 23-year-old man was arrested in California on Saturday night, despite having sprayed black paint all over his head and face in what police interpreted as "an effort to camouflage himself." (The "camouflage was ineffective," a police spokesman pointed out needlessly.) He reportedly fled when police first arrived at his house, but was apprehended after he returned with his bad disguise in place. I'm willing to assume he was wearing a shirt at that time, but I hesitate to give him even that much credit.

The report says that the man "was allegedly seen with black spray paint on his face," but this is one case where I think the allegations have been sufficiently verified.