Assorted Stupidity #38

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  • For those of you who are not entirely clear on how to wash your hands, here's a handy instructional video on the subject created by the county council of West Sussex in the UK. Some residents were upset when the council revealed in March that it had spent over £100,000 to make 92 such videos, covering not just hand-washing but also such perplexing topics as how to use a compass and how to make a phone call. "I have my phone firmly in my right hand," said the star of the latter video, "and then select the digit of choice, in my case the left index finger." Presumably there is a separate video for left-handers.
  • "On or about June 14, 2011, [Defendant] came to the desk of Plaintiff, while in the work place … and began joking with Plaintiff about attending 'Chunky Chick Night' at strip clubs in the area where Defendant [a chunky chick] would have the opportunity to perform. Defendant … proceeded to lift one leg over the armrest of Plaintiff's chair and began making gyrating motions with her hips…." The harassment complaint, filed in Galveston County, Texas, on May 2, also alleges that the defendant "pulled her shirt over Plaintiff's head and held him in a headlock for several seconds, placing Plaintiff's head in Defendant's cleavage" in what one report described as a "forced motorboating."
  • I suppose an 18-month-old is much more dangerous, relatively speaking, than the unscreened baby that the TSA was panicking about the other day, but this still seems like an overreaction. Actually, the TSA blamed this on JetBlue, insisting it had not placed an 18-month-old on the no-fly list. More specifically, it said it could not possibly have done so because if her name had been on the list, she would never have been issued a boarding pass. That sounds like an argument that relies on the assumption that the TSA never makes mistakes, and is therefore almost certain to be bullshit.