Joe Francis Is Following Me [Updated]

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Normally that phrase is being uttered in a panicked whisper during a 911 call, or possibly as part of a desperate, high-pitched shriek, but luckily here it only refers to Twitter:

Joe Francis
This is a little puzzling since Joe and I don't really run in the same circles, and although he has been mentioned here something like ten or eleven times, he has yet to be mentioned favorably. But I guess no publicity is bad publicity.

If you also want to follow Lowering the Bar on Twitter, which is one of the few things Joe does that you should also do, the handle is @loweringthebar, or if you want to totally go wild, lift your shirt up while clicking on the button below.

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UPDATE: Joe Francis has stopped following me. Normally that phrase is being uttered with great relief, but I have mixed emotions about it. His follow count is down to 38 now, so I wasn't the only one to get purged, but maybe he or his publicist actually got around to reading my posts. Or, since I have (for now) approximately 14,800,000 fewer followers than Kim Kardashian, who he is still following, maybe that has something to do with it. Oh, well, it was sleazy while it lasted.