Good Reason to Kill #30: Wouldn’t Honor Your Dollar-Off Coupon

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Speaking of people who seem too eager to use violence, The Smoking Gun reports that a Florida woman pulled a gun on Walmart workers who had refused to honor a dollar-off coupon she found online.

To be fair, she didn't pull out the gun right away. Rather, she engaged in a series of graduated responses that escalated from questioning to name-calling to the use of non-lethal force (she hit a worker with a shopping cart), and only after a worker asserted the right to get her license-plate number did she bring out the heavy artillery. But it is still true that a dispute over a dollar-off coupon escalated, and rather quickly, to the potential use of lethal force.

"I have something in my car for you," the woman announced after being escorted outside, and it turned out that what she had was a .38 Special. But rather than offering the gun to the workers as she had just promised, she drew it from the holster and pointed it at them, repeating "I have something for y'all." Since she had just broken that same promise, the workers wisely retreated back inside the store.

The woman then fled, ironically enough, in a 2001 Ford Escape.

Responding to a call from the store, an officer stopped the woman about two hours later. He asked if she had a firearm in the vehicle and she responded, "yes, [and] I have a concealed weapons permit," which was responsive to the question, but also said "and you are not taking my gun," which was not. In fact, that seems like a particularly bad response under the circumstances, and not a very good prediction, either. Also bad: to "reach[] over the console for something in the passenger seat," according to the police report, which immediately led to a Tasing and arrest.

The Smoking Gun notes that the "reports do not indicate the Walmart item for which [the woman] was seeking to save a dollar." If it was a bullet, there might not have been anything to worry about, but otherwise I'm not going to speculate.