Be Sure to Look Nice When Planning Your Husband’s Murder

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Because it appears that detectives are getting really high-quality undercover video these days. You'll want to be presentable when the jury sees it.

I found this interesting because I had not yet had the opportunity to see a 21-year-old woman casually discussing her husband's murder with someone she believes to be a hit man. The clip below (Flash video from Michigan Live) is an excerpt from the first meeting between the woman and the hit man, who of course is an undercover cop. It's bizarre precisely because on the surface it seems so ordinary—as this source described it, she's discussing the cold-blooded murder of her husband "with all the gravity of someone choosing a cat sitter."



She's not quite sure how it should be done; maybe an overdose of insulin, but maybe it should look like a robbery. The only problem with that is that she would like it done outside if possible, partly because she's afraid a "robbery" might deter a friend from moving in with her, and partly for another reason: "If you can get him outside," she says, "that would be great …. 'Cause it would be messy in the house [giggles]."

In the second meeting the next day, the woman (now wearing a Batman sweatshirt, which matches the Batman sticker on her phone), brings him directions, a floor plan of the house, and a picture of the hubby. There is also more discussion of how it should be done. She suggests maybe breaking his neck, because that would be painless, right? (She did want it to be painless, so that's nice.) He would prefer a knife or a gun, he says, and she ends up being okay with two bullets in the head.


The cop makes it as clear as possible, for obvious reasons, that once this conversation is over, her husband's as good as dead. That does trigger some emotion, although it's not entirely clear which one. She says it'll make her sad when it happens, but then she says "Is this a bad idea for me?" (It may be half-statement, half-question.) Well, it's not a good idea for your husband, ma'am, but beyond that it's really something only you can evaluate.

Also, did you just ask a hit man for advice about your future?

Anyway, she gets over any doubts she had, gives him $100 to show she's serious, and then they shake hands. "Good luck," he says. "Thank you," she replies. "Good luck to you, too." Good luck! Break a leg! Have fun! Killing my husband!

Oh, why did she want this done? Not entirely clear. "[I]t's not that we weren't getting along," she says, "but … terrible as it sounds, it was easier than divorcing him." And less messy, at least if you do it outside. Also, now she doesn't "have to worry about breaking his heart." Yes, two bullets to the head would be much easier to deal with. There is a $400,000 insurance policy, so that might have had something to do with it.

Remarkably, when she pleaded guilty on June 27, her husband asked "that she get no jail time at all." (Has he seen these videos?) She will in fact get at least six years when she is sentenced later this month. So, at least she will get her wish to be separated from him (almost) painlessly. It just may be less permanent this way.