Good Reason to Kill #38: Peaceful Easy Feeling

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There are at least two kinds of people in Charleston, South Carolina: people who like the music of The Eagles, and people who want to kill those people:

When police talked to the victim, he said he had been listening to The Eagles when [his ex-girlfriend and current roommate] told him that she did not want to hear the classic rock band's songs. So the man told her to shut up, the report states.

[She] responded by allegedly getting a 14-inch serrated bread knife and [swinging] it at the man repeatedly, the report states. The victim wrestled the knife away from [her], but she came back with another knife before the victim could run and lock himself in the bathroom.

The victim was apparently able to call police, who arrived to rescue him from the assault or her from The Eagles (the report is not entirely clear).


The woman was charged with "criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature," but I think if she had really meant to aggravate it, she'd have grabbed a knife with a point rather than trying to slash him with a bread knife. And it's not like she wasn't provoked.

No one seems to know yet which Eagles song triggered the violence. The one above makes a pretty good headline, I think, but is only speculation. I would also speculate it wasn't "Heartache Tonight" or "Seven Bridges Road" on repeat just because, again, she'd have used a different knife.

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