On Huffington Post Live Today

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I was on the Huffington Post just now as part of a panel discussing topics including (1) the Virginia AG's decision not to enforce the state constitution's ban on gay marriage, (2) the Florida candidate who unironically suggested that President Obama should be summarily executed for treason because he killed a U.S. citizen without a trial, and (3) the Ninth Circuit ruling that there is no distinction between bloggers and journalists when it comes to First Amendment protections.

Professor David Bosco also talked about the International Criminal Court and his new book, Rough Justice, but I didn't know anything about that so I kept quiet. He had interesting stuff to say, though.

Here's the clip if you're interested.


These generally take place on Fridays at 12:30 Pacific/3:30 Eastern. I got invited back despite using the word "buggery" more than once the last time, so I assume they will have me back again.