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Thanks for your interest in buying The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance! What a wise decision you have made.

The book will be available through as of March 7, but you can pre-order now. (I realize that is actually just ordering now with a post-order delivery, but they call it pre-ordering.) Currently Amazon’s price for the book is $17.57, which is 23% off the list price. It is offering a low-price guarantee, though, so if the price drops between now and March 7 you will still get the lower price. With basic shipping and sales tax the total comes out to about $23.50.

Buy from Amazon

You can also get a signed copy from me if you are interested in that. Please email me about the price. Standard shipping (2-9 days) is $3.00 Priority Mail (2 days) is $6.00. That’s for one book—if you want multiple copies and you don’t see the right option, email me and we’ll work it out.

To pay by check: Send it to Kevin Underhill, 154 Lombard Street #62, San Francisco, CA, 94111.

To pay through PayPal: Send it to

To pay by credit card: Use the button below. (Note: the resulting page defaults to PayPal, but click on “Pay with a debit or credit card” and it’ll give you the right options.)

Make sure to provide the address where you want it shipped, and if you want it signed, let me know that and whether you want a message along with the signature.

If you live in California, please add $2 for sales tax (the credit-card button will do it for you).

Thanks again!