Price Gouging Blamed for Broken Tooth

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From a recent Courthouse News report of new filings in Louisiana (thanks, Andy): 

USDC Eastern District of Louisiana

New Orleans

Charles Edward Lincoln III and all others similarly situated
Bobby Danner, Mayor; Olivier House Hotel; 534 Dauphine Street LLC; 531-533 Dauphine Street LLC; 828 Toulouse Street LLC; 836 Toulouse Street LLC; James D. Danner; Kathryn M. Danner; Does
2/21/2014 2:14 cv 393 Milazzo

Class action for price gouging. Defendants fraudulently over-charged for hotel rooms during Mardi Gras and the Superbowl [sic], in violation of federal regulation, which states that [the cost of] hotel rooms cannot fluctuate more than 30 percent during special events. Defendants' actions caused plaintiff emotional hardship, anxiety and depression and led to a broken tooth.

I have no opinion about whether the price-gouging claim is valid. I would be interested to know how over-charging for a hotel room could cause a broken tooth, though. (Not interested enough to pay to download the complaint, but interested.) Did the plaintiff pass out and fall down when he got the bill? Or is the chain of causation much longer than that?

As you may recall, hotels in New Orleans have been faced with tricky causation issues before, although the two I'm thinking of involved intervening insect actions. See "A Tort Causation Puzzler for You" (Mar. 8, 2011) (plaintiff alleged he hurt his hand while trying to kill a "giant roach"); and "New Orleans Docket: Wasp-Related Negligence" (Apr. 18, 2011) (plaintiff alleged he fell out of a third-floor window while trying to kill a wasp).

If an insect also featured in this new case, I don't think the Courthouse News people would have failed to mention it, but there's always hope.