Supreme Court

Supremes Rule in Favor of Anna Nicole

The Supreme Court today handed down the biggest legal win ever for a Playmate, reversing the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Marshall v. Marshall, which had cost Vickie Lynn Marshall, a.k.a. Anna Nicole Smith, several hundred million dollars. The previous biggest…

Charmingest-Named Supreme Court Cert Denial Ever

Everything for Love, Inc. v. Tender Loving Things, Inc. The case involved patent and trademark issues related to a scalp-massage device called "The Tingler."  Sadly, we will be hearing no more of this case. 74 U.S.L.W. 3351 (Feb. 21, 2006).

New Chief Justice Drops Arm Stripes

New Chief Justice John Roberts has apparently decided not to follow the legacy of his predecessor William Rehnquist—at least in robe style. Rehnquist wore a robe with four gold stripes on each arm to indicate his status as the chief….

Supreme Court Will Hear Anna Nicole Smith’s Case

CNN reports today that the U.S. Supreme Court has accepted the appeal of Anna Nicole Smith, stripper-turned-Playmate-turned-reality-TV-star who is seeking $474 million from the estate of her husband, who was 89 when she married him, and who is now unsurprisingly…

Sandy Baby Announces Retirement

As some of you may have heard by now, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has announced her retirement from the U.S. Supreme Court, effective upon the confirmation of her replacement, and boy do we all have a fun few months coming…