Unfortunate But True Vanity Plate Results in Arrest

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Here’s an idea: if you “like to party,” calling attention to that fact while driving might not be so smart. Josiah Johnson admitted that his license plate, which reads “TIPSY,” might have tipped off a sheriff’s deputy who pulled him over after he left Coach’s Sports Pub in Moorhead, Minnesota. And unfortunately he was in fact tipsy, with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit.

Johnson said that having the “TIPSY” plate “doesn’t mean I drink and drive. It just means I have a good time.” No, the fact that you drink and drive means you drink and drive. The plate just means you’re stupid.

Johnson insisted that he had bought the license plate not to show that he drinks but rather express his feelings about how his SUV rides (it’s “tipsy,” get it?) thus confirming the stupid hypothesis by admitting that he drives a vehicle that he personally believes to be dangerous.

Also confirming the stupid hypothesis, Johnson told reporters “I feel really stupid.”

Thanks to Lisa Lukaszewski for alerting me to this.

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