Sign-Switcher Convicted Anyway

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I believe I reported a while ago on the case of John Hopwood, British motorist and speeder who was ticketed after a camera caught him driving 48 mph in a 30-mph zone.

Hopwood did the obvious thing: go get your own camera and steal a sign showing a higher speed limit from somewhere else, put it up at the scene of the (first) crime and take a picture to use in court as "proof."  Problems:

  1. Hopwood stole a 40-mph sign, though he had been going 48 anyway, so that his fake proof would only have proven that he broke the law less.
  2. Falsifying evidence in full view of the camera that caught you breaking the law in the first place is not the best idea.
  3. Other drivers who live around that area probably know what the speed limit has always been and may raise questions about you unilaterally raising it.
  4. This is a stupid act, bound to fail.

Or, as the judge put it, "This was a stupid act, bound to fail."  Hopwood admitted it.  The judge sentenced him to 28 weekends behind bars and 2,763 pounds in legal costs, which is probably a whole lot more than the original fine would have been.

Link: Reuters via MyWay News