San Francisco OKs Pot, Bans Styrofoam

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Depending on your viewpoint, this symbolizes everything that’s wrong with San Francisco, or everything that is so great about it.

On Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to outlaw the use of styrofoam and similar products, and (according to the report) to "effectively decriminalize the use, sale and cultivation of marijuana by adults."

Styrofoam has been banned by a number of U.S. cities because it is not biodegradable, does not break down in landfills and can harm wildlife when nondigestible pieces are eaten. Many restaurants have already switched to biodegradable containers and the industry generally supported the legislation.

Marijuana, or cannabis sativa, evidently contains a chemical compound that has psychoactive and medicinal effects when consumed. It was well-known to the ancient Assyrians, Persians, Hindus, Scythians, Dacians, Thracians, and Greeks, and remains well-known to modern Iraqis, Iranians, Indians, Central Asians, Romanians, Thracian Greeks, other Greeks, university Greeks, Rastafarians, Canadians, South Americans, Spaniards, and San Franciscans, especially the guy who lives below me, who judging from the smell in the hallway is baked about four days a week.

According to Wikipedia, where I’ve learned all I know about this substance, "cannabis has a broad spectrum of possible cognitive, behavioral, and physiological effects." However, this section of the article contains the following note:

List of effects

Under San Francisco’s new anti-styrofoam laws, those caught using styrofoam can be fined $100 (first offense) or as much as $250 (for recidivist styrofoam abusers). Under the new marijuana policy, entitled "Policy Making Marijuana Offenses the Lowest Law Enforcement Priority," marijuana offenses will be the city’s lowest law enforcement priority. Users are essentially to be ignored, unless the marijuana-related acts involve minors, violence, driving under the influence or dealing on public property.

Both new laws will require a second vote to become effective.

Link: Meeting Agenda for Nov. 13 (with link to draft ordinance)