Wacky Warning Labels, 2006

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A group called Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch runs an annual contest to find the dumbest or least necessary warning labels, and it released its 2006 list today.  The winners are:

  1. On a washing machine: "DO NOT put any person in this washer."
  2. On a personal watercraft: "Never use a lit match or open flame to check fuel level."
  3. (tie) On a Super Lotto ticket: "Do not iron," and on a cell phone, "Don’t try to dry your phone in a microwave oven."

Honorable mention (but my favorite), found on a telephone directory: "Please do not use this directory while operating a moving vehicle."

A spokeswoman for the washing-machine manufacturer said she did not think the warning was wacky because a front-loading machine is "just at the right height for a 4-year-old."  She did not specify who has been washing their 4-year-olds in front-loading washers, but from now on those people will be on notice.

Link: AP via Yahoo! News
Link: MLAW