UPDATE: Judge Halverson Defeated in Primary Election

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Embattled Nevada judge Elizabeth Halverson, who as you may recall has been under investigation for some time based on charges that she mistreated staff, improperly met with jurors, fell asleep on the bench, and so on, was soundly defeated in a primary election on August 12. Halverson came in third out of three, winning 9.65% of the vote compared to about 60 percent and 30 percent respectively for the others, who will now proceed to the general election.

It’s still deeply disturbing that over 9,200 people voted for Halverson, despite massive coverage of her courtroom misconduct and general craziness. But I guess any proceeding in which 91.35 90.35% of Las Vegas voters, or any voters, can agree on the right thing to do is something to celebrate.

Good coverage of the continuing Halverson train wreck continues, though, at Nevada “tabloid blog” Wild Wild Law [sadly, defunct as of 2010].