UPDATE: Urlacher’s Toenail Accuser Has Lied Before

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about allegations that Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher has been painting his three-year-old son's toenails blue and otherwise causing him gender confusion.  I was reminded recently that Urlacher's accuser, Tyna Marie Robertson, has a history of making colorful allegations that later turn out to be totally false.

In 2002, Robertson claimed that Michael Flatley, the "Lord of the Dance," had raped her in a Las Vegas hotel room.  She hired an attorney, Dean Mauro, who sent Flatley a long and poorly written letter threatening to go public with the allegations and ruin Flatley's reputation if he did not pay at least $1 million.  Mauro called this letter a "settlement offer," but the California Supreme Court later called it "criminal extortion."  Flatley counter-sued and was eventually awarded $11.1 million after another court also found that the record "conclusively established the falsity of Robertson's claims and Robertson's malicious, intentional and willful publication of these false accusations."

Presumably, Brian Urlacher was not aware of any of this when he encountered Robertson (or, more likely, she encountered him) sometime around 2005.  He has been paying her child support, but evidently not enough to allow her to pay Flatley any part of the judgment against her.  She claimed late last year that she needed more money from Urlacher, saying that she only had $6 to her name.

In fairness to Robertson, there is at least some evidence that the toenail allegations are true — if, in fact, these are actually Kennedy Urlacher's toes.

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