Thief Unwisely Tries to Steal Law Student’s Laptop

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A burglar learned the dangers of trying to come between a first-year law student and his case notes in an incident on November 6 at Arizona State University.  Alex Botsios told police he woke up to find that a man (later identified as Gabriel Saucedo) had entered his apartment through an open window, armed with a baseball bat.  Saucedo threatened Botsios and demanded his wallet and guitars, and Botsios handed them over peacefully.

Saucedo then made the fateful decision to demand Botsios's laptop.

"I was like, 'Dude, no — please, no!" Botsios told reporters.  "I have all my case notes [in there] . . . that's four months of work."  When the dude demanded the laptop anyway, Botsios snapped.  He lunged at Saucedo, got the bat away from him and began punching him in the face.  After subduing him, Botsios called police, who took Saucedo to the hospital for stitches before arresting him for armed robbery.

Botsios's mother, who flew to Arizona after hearing about the incident, was proud of her son.  "I just couldn't believe it," she said.  "I'm so glad he watched all those police shows his whole life. . . . He knew how to take care of himself."  Botsios did not say which police show had taught him to punch someone in the face, but did say he had learned to keep his windows closed at night.  He remained disturbingly protective of the laptop.  "It's my baby," he said.  "Don't mess with my computer."