When To Give Up Crime

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When you are beaten and subdued by two 19-year-old Hooters girls.  This is a relatively clear sign that you are in the wrong line of work.

Last month in Loganville, Georgia, a 40-year-old man saw two girls walk into a Wal-Mart, saw Hooters paraphernalia inside their car, and decided he would get into their car to wait for them.  He later told police that he decided to do this because he had a "conservative girlfriend" and the girls "looked easy."  This makes perfect sense.  Experts agree that when trying to meet a woman you don't know, the best way to break the ice is to pop up out of the back seat of her car.

The girls may have looked easy, but were not.  When they returned and found the man in their car, one called for help while the other one slammed the car door repeatedly on his leg.  Wal-Mart employees came outside to help and kept the man inside the car until police arrived.

The man was reportedly charged with "felony entering an auto."  I don't know what the penalty for that might be, but since his picture appears on the website at the link below next to the headline "Hooters Girls Battle Man Hiding in Car," perhaps he has suffered enough?

Probably not.

Link: WSB-TV (Atlanta)