Church Sued For “Enabling” Addicts By Feeding Them

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Ah, the pro se plaintiff . . . the gift that keeps on giving.

Justin Collins v. Glide Memorial Methodist Church, No. CGC-09-491480 (San Francisco Super. Ct., filed Aug. 14, 2009)

Negligence action. The defendant enables drug addicts by feeding them food in a known high drug volume area with bad smells and a dirty street. $388,000.

So . . . the church is enabling these people by helping them stay alive?  Or, maybe the argument is that the church is encouraging the addicts to remain in a high-drug-volume area by feeding them food there (where they live).  There might be a difference in stupidity between those two arguments, but it's not statistically significant.

Glide Memorial serves hundreds of thousands of meals every year to the poor and homeless of San Francisco, some of whom are indeed addicts, and yes, it is located in the Tenderloin neighborhood, and yes, that is an accurate description of most of the Tenderloin.  But where are they supposed to find these people, the Four Seasons?

Oh, but wait — maybe Justin Collins is just a nut.

Justin Collins v. Neptune Society, No. CGC-09-491470 (San Francisco Super. Ct., filed Aug. 14, 2009)

Negligence action. Prescription medications from dead bodies that were disposed in the ocean and atmosphere have caused harm. $14 million.

Yep, that appears to be it.

Link: Donate to Glide Memorial (Warren Buffett does)