Official State Crap: Alabama

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200px-Seal_of_Alabama.svgAs you are probably aware, every state legislature has declared, whether in a statute, regulation, resolution, or otherwise, that various things will thenceforth be the “official state [thing].” This includes, of course, things like official state flags and seals and whatnot, but those don’t seem that interesting. As a result, here I will generally be presenting only selected official state crap, not everything that a legislature may have deemed to be official state crap.

Obviously, this is the first of a series. Today, Alabama.

  • Official state bird: the yellow-hammer
  • Official state horse: the racking horse
  • Official state tree: the southern longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Miller)
  • Official state mineral: hematite
  • Official Poet Laureate: currently, Andrew Glaze
  • Official state game bird: the wild turkey
  • Official state nut: pecan
  • Official state fossil: the “Species Basilosaurus Cetoides”
  • Official state fossil name mistake: including “species” in the name of the species
  • Official state renaissance faire: the one in Florence (Alabama)
  • Official state championship horse show: the Alabama State Championship Horse Show
  • Official state barbecue championship: the Alabama Sta– no, wait, the Demopolis Christmas on the River Barbecue Cook-off
  • Official state insect: the monarch butterfly
  • Official state butterfly: the eastern tiger swallowtail (which is also an insect)
  • Official state outdoor musical drama: “The Incident at Looney’s Tavern”
  • Official state marine mammal: the West Indian manatee (Trichechus manatus)

See Ala. Code § 1-2-1 through 1-2-38.