Manson: Also Registered at Pottery Barn, Target, Amazon, Walmart, and Macy’s

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Your options for furnishing the cell of Charles Manson and/or the nearby hovel of his future bride have expanded somewhat.

BbbThis is according to, which is the sort of thing I was hoping my colleague Amy would know about, but no, I had to search by hand because I only learned about this today from Steve. (Thanks, Steve.) But again, to Amy's credit she did accurately predict that the Mansons would be registered at BB&B, so there is that.

PotterybarnOf course, one or all of these could be bogus, although that only seems likely if they were set up after news of the marriage license circulated. I will go ahead and call this one bogus, because I checked Pottery Barn yesterday and there was nothing there. On the other hand, maybe Star has noticed the interest and is signing up at a lot more places.

TargetNot Target, though, or at least not yet. This one has the right names but a stock picture of a non-Manson couple, plus the only stuff listed in the registry is cutlery or other stabby items. There are actually two Target registries, both of which look to be bogus.

AmazonSame at Amazon, except that over there the joker has also added a variety of arguably related items such as trash bags and latex gloves. Not that Chuck & the Family bothered with such things back in the day, but maybe they've been watching Dexter.

WalmartWalmart: same as above, except this person has also creepily added various sexual items and, more comically, Season 3 of "Little House on the Prairie." The former won't be needed because Manson is not allowed conjugal visits. And the latter is just cruel, of course, without also giving him Seasons 1 and 2.

MacysFinally, at Macy's (as was also the case at Pottery Barn) no items have yet been added. Could be Star has simply not gotten around to these two yet, or that jokers set up both accounts and then lost interest. You know how jokers are.

Finally finally, other "news outlets" have started to pick up this story, including Glamour, which—and no, I learned this from one of my Twitter followers—ran a post on it today:


There is no link to Lowering the Bar there, but it's totally possible, of course, that Glamour dug this up independently just like I did once they heard that Chuckles was engaged. Totally possible.