House Unanimously Agrees Nazis Are Bad

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Surprisingly, not a single representative voted against H.R. 5739, the "No Social Security for Nazis Act," which passed the House 420-0 yesterday. Fourteen representatives did not vote on the measure, but probably only because their short bus got stuck in traffic. I have no doubt that they were all desperately trying to get to work so they could be on the record as not supporting Nazis, and the only real surprise to me is that the bill had fewer than 433 sponsors (it had 48).

As you may recall, the Associated Press reported in October that dozens of suspected Nazis living in the U.S., including alleged concentration-camp guards, continued to collect Social Security payments after agreeing to leave the country voluntarily. The AP said it had found four of these men who were still alive and still getting the payments. They will almost certainly be getting their last checks this month, now that members of Congress have finally found something they can agree on. Both houses took up bills that would close this loophole within a couple weeks of the AP report, and H.R. 5739 is sailing through.

That was not the first anti-Nazi-benefits bill to be introduced—Rep. Carolyn Maloney beat Rep. Sam Johnson to the punch by almost a week—but it had a much better name. The "Nazi Social Security Benefits Termination Act of 2014" is not bad, but just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Corresponding bills with corresponding names are also pending in the Senate, of course. Those are both currently in committee, but I think we all know which one is coming out soon to be approved unanimously.