Bumbling Australian ATM Thief of the Week

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Actually, this is not likely to become an ongoing series, because I'm confident that most Australians are quite capable of stealing an ATM if they wanted to.

No, this one wasn't. That's true. Neither is the guy in today's clip. But two bumblers in six months shouldn't cause us to think less of an entire nation.


You might want to watch this one on the Brisbane Times site instead, because they have paired it with a suitable soundtrack (but I can't embed the clip here). Hell, it's only a one-minute clip, so watch it twice.

In the interest of maintaining good international relations, here's one about an American who, although she wasn't trying to rob the ATM, did somehow manage to get her entire hand stuck inside it and had to be freed with special equipment. How she managed that I have no idea. But that's America for you—when we decide to do something stupid, we do not give up.