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On July 20, unless something very unexpected happens, Merrick Garland will claim the title of Guy Whose Supreme Court Nomination Has Been Pending Longer Than Any Other in American History. Well, he may not claim it, because that title sucks in a number of ways. But he would be able to claim it. On Saturday, Garland passed Robert Bork (114 days) to take over second place on this dubious list, so now only Louis Brandeis (125) stands between Garland and the coveted honor.

There will be plenty of time to mock that situation further if and when it arises, but for now the second-place accomplishment seems like a good enough excuse to launch this first attempt at a ridiculous Supreme Court trivia quiz. (No, you’re thinking of the ridiculous poll we did in which you overwhelmingly selected Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar II as the Best U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ever, Based on Name Alone. This is a ridiculous quiz.)

If I have done it correctly, the quiz is embedded on the home page just below the top story. Of course, you may know that already, and may even have taken it already. If so, then reading this post has simply wasted (more of) your precious time. As always, you are quite welcome.