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Pants Judge Roy Pearson Is Back in Court

Now with ample time on his hands, having not been reappointed to another term as a D.C. administrative-law judge, Roy L. Pearson, Jr., continues his quest for justice. As you may recall, that quest began years ago when, according to…

Pearson Returns; Seeks En Banc Hearing in Pants Case

Today brings the expected but still welcome news that former administrative judge Roy Pearson is still pursuing his case against the dry cleaners who allegedly lost his pants (shown, left, at a post-trial fundraiser in their honor).  This is despite the fact…

Judge Pearson Appeals in Lost-Pants Case

The Legal Times reported today that Judge Roy Pearson, who lost a bench trial in June in his $54 million lost-pants lawsuit against Custom Cleaners, has appealed. Pearson, who shed actual tears during the trial and yet seems to have…

Assorted Stupidity #112

In this edition: a Florida drive-thru lane with mysterious powers; a couple of ways not to observe Easter; and a Kentucky case that turned on whether harm caused by a motion-sensing air freshener was foreseeable.

Pants in the News

Just a grab-bag of pants-related legal-humor items. That’s all.